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I never judge a book by its color, i only take it a page at a time
HighSchool: Columbus High School
College: East Mississippi Community College
Music: i love music period so anything that i can vibe to at that particular moment.. Its gud wit me
TV: First 48, Gangland, Criminal MInds, CSI:NY, Jersey Shore, La La Full Court Life, T.O. Show, ESPN.. Many many more
Books: Bible bc with it u can never go wrong
Sports: Softball, basketball, soccer
Interests: anything that can catch my attention and actually keep it!!
Movies: man my movies r pretty much the same as my music, so whatever catches my attention, however i love action-thrilled movies n Zoe Saldana is one of my fav actresses
BestFeatures: My personality stands out, im one of tha sweetest ppl u can ever talk to about anything, so if u need to hmu plz feel free to do so
Dreams: Become a better person everyday whether i accomplish my goals r not, i never want to look back n be tha same person i was yesterday..

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