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    5 ft. 5 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


I do not use Hangouts or Whatsapp. The only thing that I have is just plain old fashion text. I am on this dating site to find someone to be friends with that I can talk to that hopefully will develop into a relationship and maybe more. I am a pretty laid back country boy. I am 67 years old and as about as redneck as they come. I own 3 pairs of boots and yes I have my name on the back of belt. LOL. I live in a motor home that has been converted into a tiny house on 5 acres of land in southwest Montana, 17 miles from the nearest town. That I share with my sister and her husband. If this can't be your life style, then please pass me by. I am somewhat mentally disabled. (I am willing to explain further in a text).

What I am looking for

I'm looking for an honest, trust worthy, loyal intelligent, mature woman who is around my age. That knows what it takes to make a true relationship work. And is willing to put in, the time effort and commitment that it takes. I am looking for a woman to talk to and start a friendship. Hoping that as time goes by, the friendship will flourish and grow into a beautiful LTR and maybe even marriage.